* Lebanese System:

Pre-elementary school: Happiness Center, Nursery , K.G.I & KG II.

Elementary : (Grades 1 to 6)

Intermediate :(Grades 7 to 9) ending with an official government exam (The Brevet).

Secondary :(I Sec. to III Sec.) ending with an official government exam(Bacc.II in Life Sciences, General Sciences , Humanities, or Economics).

* American System:

(Grade 2 to Grade 12) where students get a High School degree.

* Vocational System :

(B.T I to B.T.3 )ending with an official government exam                    (BT Accounting and Computer Science).

* College :

-T.S. degree. in Special Education

-T.S. degree in Child Education

-L.T. in General Education.