تؤمن الانجيلية أن جميع الطلاب يتمتعون بقدرات غير محدودة. ودور المدرسة الاساس هو تنمية هذه القدرات ليتوصل كل الطلاب الى التفوق الاكاديمي والاجتماعي والنفسي.

لأجل ذلك تعمل الانجيلية على تأمين بيئة رياضية واجتماعية وثقافية وتكنولوجية خصبة متفتحة ناقدة تزودهم بكل المؤهلات التى تساعدهم على مواجهة عالم دائم التغيير لا مكان فيه للجمود.


N.E.I.G.B. believes that all students are born with unlimited abilities and the school’s role is to nurture these abilities towards technological and academic excellence, social interest, as well as sound physical and psychological well being.

To this end,  N.E.I.G.B. acts as a catalyst that installs in its students the genuine ability to deal with change in a world where the only constant is change.


The mission of  N.E.I.G.B. is deeply concerned with educating and building the student’s character and personality to become independent individual able to face difficulties, bears hardships, aim at a target, and then reach his goal.

N.E.I.G.B. believes that we are all special. Under the term NCBL,  N.E.I.G.B. offers special care for students with mild learning difficulties to help them achieve the regular school’s curriculum.

To fulfill this mission  N.E.I.G.B. helps its students to:

Build interpersonal relationships based on mutual respect, cooperation and collaboration.

Reach the state of interdependency by teaching them first to be independent learners then to experience the basic needs of human beings to be interdependent.

Explore their abilities and talents and use them through critical thinking and problem solving.

Utilize technology that insures the enhancement of our community.


What will our student learn?

The N.E.I.G.B. with its curriculum draws each of the individual disciplines together into a coherent whole, while  preserving the essence of each subject:

Our student  will :

Develop a deep understanding of important concepts.

Conduct research into knowledge which has local and global significance.

Acquire and practice a range of essential skills.

Be encouraged to develop positive attitudes towards learning, the  environment and people.

Have the opportunity to be involved in responsible actions and social service.

The N.E.I.G.B. learner profile( his or her own characteristics)

Socially oriented: It’s a principle part of  his personality to move towards people in his society and be involved in their  well- being .In other words, he / she is prepared to become an investor in the well- being of people everywhere.

Problem solver: He develops and affinity for detecting and solving  problems and for coping with new challenges.

Proactive: He/she takes control of his/her life instead of relying on others. He produces results rather than reasons for failure.

Principled: He/ She embraces positive attitudes and values that empower his own culture and make him a civilized and tactful person.

Tolerant: He/ She accepts people as they are regardless of their religion ,nationality, gender etc…..

Risk taker: He /She confidently, and without anxiety, explores new roles, ideas, and strategies . He/She stands for ideas that he/she believes in.

Balanced: He/she understands the importance of physical and mental equilibrium, and thus can control his or her emotions and behavior.

Inquirer: He/She has natural curiosity that makes his aspiration for knowledge continuous.

Reflective: He/ She thinks about his/ her education and analyzes personal weaknesses and strengths constructively.

Communicator : He/ She receives information and confidently expresses ideas in more than one language.

How can you support your child’s learning?

N.E.I.G.B. sees learning as a partnership between the students , parents, and the school itself.

Thus, you can help your child by:

Maintaining regular contact with the school.

Sharing books with your child.

Assisting your child with research projects.

Attending general  meetings with teachers.

Providing an appropriate setting and atmosphere for studying and doing homework at home.