To maintain and increase student safety through a system of direct student services offered by specialized physicians, nutritionists and nurses, the school has adopted the health program offered by the Medischool organization looking forward to achieve the following benefits:

• Dealing responsibly with emergency cases, such as injuries, fever, accidents etc…

• Nurses accompany sick students to hospitals when needed.

• Evaluating each case and deciding whether a student must go home, go to the hospital, or stay at school and update their parents accordingly.


• Supervising the cleaning process for all classes including desks and floors twice weekly using a special disinfectant to prevent transmissible diseases from spreading.

• Keeping, updating and following students’ medical records. Performing weekly general check-ups (cleanliness: hair, nails, ears, etc…).

The nurses, doctors and specialists are bound by codes of conduct and confidentiality and no medical information is disclosed unless safety and well-being are at risk.