Make It An Active Day


Whether it’s on the sports courts or fields of other schools, the Basketball Court in our very own gym, our Gerard Football Field, our Aspire Field, in our multipurpose sporting gym or during our traditional Sports and Field Days, NEIGB students are enthusiastically involved in sports and athletics.

Sports activities at NEIGB are not isolated from other aspects of student life. They are incorporated into our holistic curriculum that integrates academics and enrichment activities. School sports include football, basketball, karate, badminton, table tennis and volleyball. Weekly Club activities expose students to even more athletics, including swimming, skating, camping, gymnastics, ballet and other sporting activities.

NEIGB takes pride in hosting the annual Evangelical Schools Football and Basketball Tournament each Spring. Teams from all over the country converge upon our Sidon Campus to participate in a weekend of competition and collaboration as they compete for the championship. Other sporting events take place throughout the year, including football and basketball tournaments throughout the South of Lebanon, the Inter-school Football tournaments for boys, girls and staff members; the Football and Basketball Tigers Clubs, the school-initiated Sports Day, and our all-NEIGB community Field Day.